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 Well, here you are...



...there are worse places you can be.



I always downplay change.  Even if someone notices that I got a haircut I usually just dismiss it as nothing.  While many things change, I usually pretend like they've always been that way.  So now you're looking at the 'new look' site that I've been promising for the better part of a year.  Is it much different?  It's still pretty much black and white but even if it was I wouldn't act like it.  There are some notable differences.

  • More news about my book including some chapters that didn't quite make it.
  • A growing archive of articles.
  • Guest writers.
  • Some other stuff I've already forgotten about.

The site is probably going to focus more on my book as a writing project.  Whether it's news about it or if there are a couple of different covers that I may want your opinion on.  Either way most of the news and happenings will go to promote Tales of the Empathy Impaired.


Advanced Read Copy


The second revision of the Advanced REading Copy is out and in the hands of a publicist and some focus groups.  This copy is unedited and exists to give people a basic idea of what some of the content is like in book-form.  It looks like after all the delays, 2006 will be the year of the release.  I'll have more news and some sickening begging for you to buy it when that approaches.

A word about the archives


I'll be working on getting this content into the new site as quickly as possible.  There will be some good stuff from Robert and Dave including the FULL Los Angeles death tour.  The second part of this document got corrupted and I've only now fixed it.  This has been pretty popular even with people who are disgusted by it.  



I'm still writing most of my socio-political articles and musings over at  There is a chance that the blog may end up here, but for right now I like it separated.


So if you're looking for libertarian commentary and general blathering...head over that way.




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